State of SVG and Canvas in Modern Browsers

By: Alastair Tse - Last Updated: 27 April 2006

My friends, just like HTML and CSS, different browsers support different subsections of the SVG and Canvas specification. As part of my work on PlotKit, the next generation javascript plotting library, I've decided to summarise all the quirks in SVG and Canvas support.

Browsers Considered

I am looking at browsers that are considered "modern" as of March 2006. These include:

I am also looking at some experiemental browsers as of March 2006.


Supporting Browsers



Supporting Browsers (Inline)

Quirks (Inline)

following is added to the HTML and all SVG elements are in the correct namespace svg:.

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"
<!-- START Required for IE to support  inlined SVG -->
<object id="AdobeSVG"
classid="clsid:78156a80-c6a1-4bbf-8e6a-3cd390eeb4e2" width="1"
<?import namespace="svg" implementation="#AdobeSVG"?>
<!-- END   Required for IE to support inlined SVG -->
<svg:svg width="300" height="300" baseProfile="full" version="1.1"></svg:svg>

is defined.


The above is presented as-is with my own findings. There may be errors. Please do not use this to base your multi-million dollar business decisions.


If you have anything to add or modify, please contact me at